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My Style Review (2013)

It is my first time doing a personal style review! It should be fun to look back at what I wore in 2013 and assess what were my trends, how my style has evolved and what I want to do more or less of in 2014.

Mixupfixup.com Stylishsana

My style is truly eclectic is what I can say after this first collage. Everything changes, including hair!

mixupfixup.com stylish sana

I am certainly not scared of colors and prints! I adjust and renovate my fashion according to my hairstyle. I have no doubts if I didn’t change my hair as often as I do, I probably wouldn’t change my style as often either.

Stylishsana mixupfixup.com

I was talking to my sis one day and I told her the one item she wear a lot are leggings. I asked her “what do I wear a lot of “, she said skirts – guess I am a skirt type of girl!

Mixupfixup StylishsanaI have a very feminine silhouette that’s why I go for skirts a lot, I like how they frame my upper and lower body allowing for a cinch and balance in my mid-area. Now, dresses that’s a whole other thing! I realize I do not wear dresses as often! Everything has to be on point and smooth to wear a dress, that’s how I feel!

Stylish Sana, Mixupfixup.comstylishsana mixupfixupThis , here, has some of my favorite looks. I really loved pairing leopard on leopard. It was so different and it’s my favorite animal print. I also never paired stripes on stripes until this year!

Stylishsana mixupfixup.comThis was one of my first shoots once I decided to do this fashion blogging thing! It was a work outfit.

It’s great seeing how my picture quality has evolved as well. I couldn’t wait to get the right camera to get going with my blogging vision. I started with my Blackberry camera, upgraded to Android camera and finally, now,  to an actual camera but I am still looking forward to a better digital camera!

Stylishsana mixupfixup.comHere, I have much more simple pallets, I balanced prints with solids – much more conservative looks.

Stylishsana mixupfixup.com

Some up close details of accessorize and styling. Head scarfs certainly came in handy and glasses added the right spunk to many looks of mine. I am definitely not afraid of rocking my bare face (no makeup) once in a while. To me, that’s what makes wearing makeup fun – when you hardly wear a full face and then you do! It really feels like you’re playing dress-up!

stylishsana mixupfixup

Bikini shot of the only vacation I took this year (2013) – not that I needed a vacation. It wasn’t a hard-working year as I expected. I feel vacations should be earned! I went to Catalina Island with friends. I have yet to take a full bikini picture –  I am not used to showing my whole body like that,  especially tummy (yikes)

Overall, these are my fashion highlights. Certainly it’s not a collection of everything I wore and most of them were dressed-up ensembles. I am going to try and take more casual outfit pictures in the future. I do like being comfy once in a while!

One thing I learned from this review is to be edgy and maintain my unique sense of style doesn’t mean I have to wear bright/bold colors and prints a lot – don’t get me wrong, I love it but observation has me wanting more simple pallets in my look as well.

My style resolutions for 2014 is to wear more solid colors, relax a bit on my prints ;to study minimalism with a twist!. I ,also, want to challenge myself to not buy a single item until half way in the year because to be honest I really don’t “need” anything. I have most things I need and I have a super creative imagination. I know I can always pull something seemingly new out of my closet! The goal will be to wear everything out to the point of shrinking my closet by getting rid of the ones I get tired of.

Now your turn….

How was your style this year?

How will it be different next year, if at all?

What did you try that you never did before?

Have a lovely day!

Mixup, Fixup & Style review.

p.s all the pictures here have full post in the blog, click around 😉

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