06 Jan

Opinion and thoughts: My objectives (2014)

We just completed a semi first week of the new year! I have assesd some things I would like to do in this new year – I really don’t want to call it a resolution. Something about that over-used word feels like a curse ( no offense)

Anyhow, I compiled a list … sort-of a map for 2014, but as we know life also makes its own plans, I am keeping an open mind.


I have been on an unclear career path for about two years now. When I first attained my degree I was pursuing international journalism. I didn’t change my mind from that, rather opportunities weren’t coming despite my hard-work. I had to go on to my option B – which I didn’t necessarily have.

Instead, I opted to go to the drawing board, experimenting with any and everything that I thought I could excel at. It has been a scary experiment because time isn’t waiting for no one you know.

Taking time to discover my best fit meant taking time away from getting going with grad school or whatever that is I needed to do. It has been beneficial learning what I never want to do for a career and noticing that , for me, it’s not about the career really ( I never was the child that knew what I wanted to be when I “grew” up).

It’s more about being able to apply myself … far more than my skills rather to feel awake because I am using my God-given talents and doing tasks that I enjoy.  Tasks such as being creative ( creating something) conversing with a variety of people, being occupied with multiple level projects, reporting on a result or explaining something, being accountable, writing, and affording the luxury to work solo once in a while as much as in a team.

Simply put, I refuse to get a degree just to get one. If there’s one thing I have assured expertise in, is being a student. It is the one thing I have done the longest my whole life and I  have excelled at. I already know this! So being a student, earning good grades and graduating with a masters isn’t the issue, studying the right thing to further a career is what I am about. I have narrowed down enough to now make a choice, focus in and go for it and this is the year for that. I must get over doubts, what-ifs and such… no announcement just yet … I am learning to make plans in silence and let the actions speak loud.  Only thing I can say is I’m no longer hell-bent on a master degree … if my field requires it then well of course.


My parents begged, cried and guilt-tripped me to move back home after college. It was against everything in me, I didn’t care if I was struggling ; I felt it was a part of being an adult. Anyhow, I should simply be thankful for caring parents, right?

However, I have over-stayed my time and being at home is so decapitating to my fulfilling my dreams. There’s something in the air at home that makes me less motivated and just so darn complacent.

For one, it’s not healthy for an adult to not actively pay major bills. Like I appreciate the opportunity to save, but it’s so unsettling.

Nothing like having the disapproving eyes of African parents on you constantly and the cultural difference doesn’t help in trying to explain certain things either.

In short, time is up! My mother says “It’s our culture anyhow, the girls stay until their husband comes and marries them. ” Nahh I am not about that life” besides by Africa’s standard I am passed marriage age ( I’m 26). By this age my mom was a wife with babies and all!


Last year I went to Vegas and Catalina Island. I am over due for a trip that requires my climbing into a plane. As always, I want to do many little local trips and adventures as well – especially music and art festivals/galleries! Gotta check things off my Bucket list!


  1. Besides the things now on my “to-get list”. I don’t want to purchase any clothing items until mid-year, and that’s if need be. ( fashion gods spare me!!) I want to push myself to re-experiment with what I’ve got over and over and over! Also I want to take charge of my shopping habits.
  2. After I complete my current foundation makeup, I am going to go without foundation for the rest of the year. I need to refine a skin care regiment. I will let you know when I officially start this challenge, if you want to join me. I don’t even use it for cover-up, I have good-looking skin, I’m not sure why I used it – just a habit I guess.

  3. I need to unplug for a little. Updating this blog, managing my social medias has me feeling a bit “internet-drunk”. Starting today, I decided to unplug from my personal Facebook for half of the year. However, I will still be updating my blog’s Facebook and my hair group on Facebook and other social medias like my Tumblr. I opened my Instagram precisely for the blog but I always record other personal things there as well @stylishsana is my handle.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          


  1. Better quality pictures, get a more professional camera and tripod.
  2. Nail down a consistency of sort in outfit posts and style advice
  3. Learn more about collaborations and network more with other bloggers.
  4. Do product reviews and more DIY projects.
  5. And a small little secretive project I am working on. To be revealed mid-year!

There it is, just a few things – the basics. I have other little things, but they need not be mentioned here necessarily. Please hold me accountable, okay?

What are some major goals for you this year?

Do you have anything in common with mine?

Have a great day and comment – I like hearing from you

Peace & love

Mixup, fixup & objectives


Stylish Sana

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