27 Jan

Top Three (Grammys 2014)

It’s been a minute, I know.

I figured coming back with a post that has beautiful gowns would be forgiving enough..

These are my top three favorite gowns from the award show.

BEYONCE KNOWLESBeyonce grammys 2014

She’s naturally beautiful, it’d be hard to ever go wrong with such a canvas! I have a weakness for lace, it’s by far the most feminine, womanly and classy material to wear! She wore it well. I wouldn’t change a thing about this look. It’s perfect without any jewelry, it’s too busy for that, the sultry lips sealed the outfit!
BONNIE MCKEEBonnie McKee grammys 2014This dark teal dress and the shiny material is giving me life – real life!! This is one of the colors I always knew I wanted for my wedding colors, seeing it cut into this gown and styled beautifully is just the right affirmation! Bonnie, truly, nailed the hair-as-an-accessory-look. Once again, like “Queen B”,  this is yet another sans jewelry look that’s well executed!
GIULIANA RANCIC Giuliana Rancic  GRAMMYS 2014Giuliana has never looked so ravishing and actually pretty  – I usually don’t include her in that category. She’s exceptionally slender and no pun intended , looks like she needs to really eat.  It makes it hard to see her as desirable or pretty for me (sorry I need to see meat or something). I guess there’s something about citrus orange and lace that just does it for one’s looks! She’s glowing and looks fed for once!
dark teal, orange, cream

Funny, Giuliana is wearing my other wedding color choice. The colors that I would want for my wedding are dark teal like Bonnie is wearing above, mixed with orange like Giuliana’s gown (undecided on shade) and hints  of off-white like Beyonce’s. These are my three ,tentative, colors – a girl can dream , right? You already know, of course, lace will be somewhere in there!


 Giuliana Rancic I , randomly, realized that Giuliana is totally the “gown-wearer” of all time! Her job, as a hostess, permits her to wear gowns so many times a year! Lucky her, some of us only have two chances to wear gowns ( High School prom and our wedding)

After this award season, I decided to do a gown profile on her style ( see above) I think she has great taste for red carpet gowns.

How about you?

What are your overall Grammys 2014 thoughts?

Favorite looks, if any?

STYLE TIP: When wearing a gown, minimal jewelry/accessorizing is the safest way to go. Most gowns are big statements in and of themselves, let them shine!


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