02 Feb

Ad Campaigns, featuring natural African beauty!

Karen Walker , mixupfixup.com, Ad campaigns, featuring African beautyAd campaigns, featuring African beautyAd campaigns, featuring African beautyKaren Walker , mixupfixup.com,Ad campaigns, featuring African beautyKaren Walker , mixupfixup.comKaren Walker , mixupfixup.com

Karen Walker works with Kenyan Artisans for her Spring 2014 Ad Campaigns for glasses. I appreciate Ad campaigns featuring natural African beauty! I love seeing Africans celebrated! Of course I’m bias as I’m African myself!

I just don’t think Africans are put in good light or moderate light enough is all. I am happy when any group of people are given a balance exposure in the media. It helps to off-set the stereotypes a bit! This just the mass media obsessed person in me speaking. Hey, studied it for a reason! **Shrugs shoulder**

What do you think of these “natural” models? More of this, right?

Style tip: These glasses, on their own, are such great statement pieces. Think of it like a statement necklace or purse. On its own it speaks great volume. It can easily be worn with a shirt and jeans and that would look fashionable! Another option is a solid color maxi dress .. oh you would look so bad-ass! No need for too much other clutter really, just keep a simple,clean-cut, structured look and that will be edgy! See, fashion can be simple at times!

Walker teamed up with United Nations’ ITC Ethical Fashion Initiative. Also, the Kenyan Artisans produced a line of pouches that’ll be included with each pair of frames purchased.

Glasses are available Feb. 3.

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