03 Feb

The Weekend

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Hello friends,

I hope you had a lovely weekend and you’re ready to take this week head-on! Mine was filled aunty duty and a taste of the glamor life. Mr. Van Vicker, the popular west African actor,  was so polite and charming. “M” and I went and watched the premier of his movie When One door Closes. I love the quality of the film, African movies have come a long way! The message was also powerful.

The movies highlights mental illness, with one of the characters having PST, occasionally physically abusing his wife as a result. It also sheds light to  the issues of becoming a citizen, fake marriages and fraud that some Africans encounter. Oh and I almost forgot, it brings up the struggles Africans in diaspora go through in career shift and adjustment. Many times Africans’ degrees are not valued as they should be, therefore they have to back- track or take lower-skilled jobs. With the title, you may have guessed it had the overall Christina message of having faith and realizing when a door closes, opening up to the new one God has prepared and walking into it majestically!

I was fortunate to meet the director and script writer for the film: Dr. Clarice Ford-Kulah, she was very caring and sweet! After the film, “M” and I were rushed because he had work, but I so badly wanted to take a picture of Van. She, not knowing me from anywhere, went out of her way to ensure I get a ride to the reception location and once I was there I was assisted quickly in, avoiding the lines, ( I felt like a big deal, yea) so I took my picture as you see! Some people at that  level can be snobby; her actions moved me! She has a kindness about her that immediately radiates! #goodpeople

All in all, being in a theatre filled with Africans was surreal, I felt like I was back home – not to mention, the reaction to the scenes and expressions such as “sucking teeth” made it that much more fun and a familaer enviroment.

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