18 Feb

Movie date: ‘American Hustle’ + wardrobe

I hardly initiate the idea of going to the movies or think of going to the movies, but when “M” does, I usually just go along. On this particular day, like usual, we watched two movies. “M” hardly watches one movie … why you say? Well, he doesn’t want to waste “money”. Pays for one and sneaks us into another ( I have stopped arguing it).

Anyhow, I highly recommend ‘RobCop’, the first movie we watched. It speaks volume about the future that we are heading into with having machines taking over many aspects of our lives, including the policing and protection thereof. The other movie we watched was ‘American Hustle’. It’s a con artists, scam type of movie that is set in the late 1970s – early 80s. I am so sorry to say what I paid attention to most was the wardrobe – actually I’m not sorry … my goodness was it fabulous or what!!

Many of you know what a vintage junkie I am at heart, this movie was heaven for me. “M” was over there trying to figure out what’s happening with the characters whereas I gave up and decided to indulge in the beautiful costumes. I mean, we are talking prints, wrap dresses,  velvet, sequins, plunging halter tops, lots of fur, large glasses, huge curls and romantic makeup! I loved the women and men styles alike and the interior designers were just as fantastic. Costume designer Michael Wilkinson and hairstylist Kathrine Gordon did a great job if you ask me!

Take a look:

amerhstlegreenamerican-hustle-06jennifer_lawrence_american_hustle_set_a_lAmerican HustleAmy AdamsAmy-Adams-American-Hustle-PSAmerican hustleAmerican HustleAmerican hustleAmerican hustleAmerican hustle

This was a funny scene wherein Jennifer Lawrence‘s character burns the microwave, and she can careless about it.  I never really knew who she was prior to watching this movie, but in this movie the girl is such a beauty! At awe!!

The plot goes like this: Christian Bale and Amy Adams characters, who are passionately in love, scam people by promising them loans but instead take their money. Bale is also married to Jennifer Lawrence‘s character, who plays a seemingly clueless single mother, who’s desperately hanging on to her ex, Bale. The two love-birds (Bale and Adams) have a pretty good deal going until they get caught by an undercover FBI agent played by Bradley Cooper, instead of going to jail he requires them to help him catch other con artists and dirty politicians.This is where things get pretty messy, the new team struggles to see eye to eye in their new ventures.

Mixup, Fixup & Movie date

Have a great day!

P.S I loved catching a movie during the week, less hectic! Try it.


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