28 Mar

Minimalism, my way


minimalist style“Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.”– Lao TzuStylish sanaMinimalism StyleMinimalism styleMinimalism stylestylishsananet socksmixupfixup

Faux yarn locksminimalist fashionStylishsanafashionStylishsanabodycon skirtmixupfixupstylishsanafashion bloggerminimalist fashionstylishsanastylishsanamixupfixup

Wearing: Shirt: boyfriend// Skirt: bodycon H&M // Shoes: random mall store// Glasses: Flee market.

Minimalism in fashion is simply defined by wearing minimal style – the basics! To illustrate this in it’s simplest form I wore “M” s shirt and a basic bodycon skirt from H&M.

Like with any style, adding your own personal touch is what makes it you. I simply tied a knot in the front and put on statement sunglasses. To turn it into an edgy evening look I paired the simple ankle strap heels with fishnet socks and rubbed on bright lips – Voila! SO EASY!!

Besides fashion minimalism, as a whole I am focused on lifestyle minimalism. At times life is much more simple than we let it be, ain’t that the truth? This is my current frame of mind, less worrying, increased faith in God and trusting what is, is what is suppose to be because to be honest I am always trying my best anyhow! I detest doing things with half the passion, believe or effort in it – may as well not do it, right? **ALL SAY** RIGHT!

I dislike pretending in situations, so if it’s not agreeing with my spirit I am letting it go! If I can ” live” without it, I am letting it go, if it’s unnecessarily overbearing or complicated I am definitely allowing it to slide off.  There’s enough trouble, unplanned for, to tackle ahead. I need not complicate the matter, you see?

Anyhow, friend chose a simple life is my message of the day.

Happy day!!

Will you be trying minimalist fashion and lifestyle?

Stylish Sana

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