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African school girl + big messy bun

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I am all over the  place in my thoughts with this post. I want to talk about authority due to some things I have noticed with individual who struggle with it. I , also, of course want to talk about the relevant topic here: fashion and my hair- bear with me as I jump all over.

Let’s tackle fashion first:

Beyonce vs stylishsanaI purchased this ethnic skirt and top years ago from Ross when I was in college. The skirt was super long and with such a print it was absolutely overbearing. I cut it and hemmed the bottom and forgot all about it. Fast forward last year when my girls and I went to Vegas I scored those shoes thrifting and ,of course, forgot all about it too! One day I was minding my own business logging in to check my email and what do I see?? **looky looky look**Beyonce stole my look and it’s plastered all over the web, GASP!! REALLY! Well you know how that goes … no body will believe me – EVER!! …

Anyhow I finally wore my look as you see. I was waiting to get braids or something ethnic of a style. This is faux locks with yarn – cool I know!  ( email me if you’re curious how it’s done. go to contact bar above )Anyhow, moral of the story is: celebrities get too much credit even when they cop our look, well actually it is SHOP YOUR WAGE! You can nail similar looks like anyone without completely embarrassing your bank account – just saying. Stop with the brand hype least you go broke!

Faux lock, yarn locksOkay this is “faux locks” it is using yarn, as I already mentioned above, to create the illusion of dread locks. I have rocked this style three times and in different variation for about 5 months. It is now time to take it out, but why when I cut it I fell in love with the short look?? SLAPS FOREHEAD! So I decided to enjoy it for two week and then au voir!

Ready for my next do? Any suggestions?

Okay now onto the quote I have above about authority – I’ll try to keep it short. As an African I grew up with the principal “Respect your elders” drilled into my bones. And when I say elders this includes anyone older than me, like my brothers – who are really only a year and two older than me.  I say this to say I get really bothered when in a work environment , wherein there are superiors, whether we like it or not, certain individuals have a hard time following the darn protocol!  It’s like by now you ain’t learned to deal with an authority figure, dude who raised you?? I am not saying don’t question or challenge authority, I am saying there is a style to this approach and if you don’t do it properly it’ll cost you your position. Unfortunately for this person that’s just what happened! Too bad because they were so qualified and very smart but they could not respect authority and deal with someone telling them what to do. Listen, I get it. I have a hard time with that myself but it’s called biting your tongue. Only a few of us get to be our own boss … just saying. Meanwhile, just deal!!

Any thoughts?

How do you deal with authority?


Outfit details:

Skirt and shirt: (old) Ross, Similar: Skirt, Top // Shoes: Thrifted, similar // Glasses: thrifted, similar // Knee socks: Urban outfitters, similar // Arm candy: various stores (old)

Style tip:

If you’re curvy or voluptuous like me, be very careful with busy prints, you can easily look huge. Get prints with dark tones or prints that show a separation in pattern in the mid area. Otherwise  to throw off the matchy-matchy print use a statement piece : belt, necklace, socks like I have, or a dramatic bun like me, better yet a bold lip color.

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