08 Jul

Red, White and Blue ( OOTD 4th of July)

This has been the longest time ever I have gone missing! This hasn’t gone by without my noticing it either – trust me. Every day I was away I thought about it and I felt guilty too. Blogging is fun and it , most definitely, fills a void in my life – creativity, writing and a place for personal expression. However, the more and more you have an audience there’s pressure to make sure everything look presentable. With that being the case and I’m a perfectionist , it take a while to have a ” blog-able” shoot – if at all. And then there’s the sorting through the pictures afterwards, editing and some graphics. See, “M” also took on a second job during the summer break, so we definitely couldn’t catch the sun and get that crisp-great-lighting-quality-picture, which I definitely need, especially since I am not working with a high quality camera. However, no worries I am here to blog until the end of time. I love it! ** Thank you blogging-gods for this creation**

Now, that aside, here are pictures from my 4th of July outfit.I actually wore red, white and blue … scratch that, I wore the flag in fact ! I hardly dress up for it, this is why I am making a mega deal out of it.

4th of july4th of July outfit4th of July ootd4th july outfit4th of july outfitIt is amazing how short shorts, high wedges and a particular posture can have one appearing taller than they are, ain’t it? Let me just say this up until last year, I was always deathly afraid of wearing shorts. I am a very voluptuous woman, sometimes pictures here don’t even show properly how endowed I am.

I say this to say wearing shorts or very fitting clothing always has me looking sexual and provocative, so naturally I shy away from those clothing(s). Nothing I dislike than folks thinking I am begging for attention! But GGUUURRRLLL… lately ** In Beyoncé voice** “My man has me feeling so GODDAMN fine” and oh so brave too! I’ve been stepping out not giving a damn if dudes wanna have a heart attack over some breast, ass, thighs or whatever.  Who hasn’t seen these body part before after all?? **swings hair** “As for me and the soul up in this body,we gon’ do us”  — I couldn’t even type that with a straight face y’all (hehe…)

4th of July OOTD Here’s to my bad a**/ boss lady posture … I don’t know who I am the boss of but it sure feels darn good acting like one for a second. Let a girl dream, will ya??

Anyhow, I have missed blogging. I am back and I will work on maintaining some sort of consistency. This will be challenging – no doubt until I have my place again so I’m able to organize freely and create freely there will be outside factors affecting this – sorry. For now, if you jive with me (you like your girl), just hang on!  I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July!

God bless America – and your girl Africa ( you know she needs it too)

Stylish Sana

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    • Stylish Sana

      Hi Neti!! Why am I just seeing this! Sorry girl, but I appreciate the compliment and love!! Thank you 🙂


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