22 Jul

Let’s get away …

catalina IslandCatalina IslandhnxWe made it a point to stop in Los Angeles at the Nigerian restaurant: Nkechi African cafe the night before docking the Ferry at Long beach to the Catalina Island. “M” is Nigerian and for him this was nostalgic! It wasn’t my first time sampling this dish, it was just as delicious as the first time I had it. Isi-ewu is a unique and adventurous meal for first time eaters. It is full of goat meat and the stew includes the brain! No fear, it is deliciously prepared! It’s spicy and it’s notoriously flavorful … all things I’ve come to know West African cuisines for!catalina Island And the “get away” begins…unnnnnamedCatalina IslandunnamnmnedcollagebunnamellkpokmndWe stayed in a cozy little cottage at the island. I initially wanted to try a new place, it being my second time here but “M” fell in love with the place my girls and I stayed at, so we stayed at La paloma, Las Flores again. One thing for sure, we loved that it came with a kitchen. We traveled with a tight budget, it was smart to cook!unnamcvsadedYou already know,I was the chef! Not by default but because I love cooking. Of course I got some help in the kitchen … these trips are supposed to be good for bonding after all.unnamppihhedhnhfgunnamedllkunnamennbcxdcollagenbbvujunnamjoppedunnamemmnbdcollagenhbh20140702_184459hnxxccghjThe end!

Okay, well maybe a few words here. This was my first get-away with a guy and I’m about to turn 27 in a few weeks here! I think by the average standard perhaps I’m behind? Whatever that means, right? Either way it matters not. Always follow your own time-line my friends. You are really never behind or ahead unless you’re obsessed with being on the same timeline as the next so and so, or you aren’t doing shit … then all together you are simply on the wrong track. Also, as I have shared here before I am a virgin and I am waiting until marriage. I wasn’t gonna go on vacation with no one who was expecting anything more than hand-holding, innocent romance and lots of deep, insightful dialogue! To do this with ‘M” who I’ve been with for almost two years was perfect and not to mention he’s abstinent too! We really opened up to each other, away from our homes, day-to-day routines or anyone we knew. It is important to reconnect and that we did! It is scary when emotions get to the level this is getting to. It is not easy being vulnerable or believing in love again – especially if you know( too well) the risk(s) of it!

Then I think of this Maya Angelou quote …


So, love wins this round **nervous face**

Next up, I am really in dire need of a “real trip”. I’ve done a lot of local “staycations’. Gotta save up for something further and bigger!

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