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White Out

I can’t remember when I have ever worn white from head to toe, this is my “White Out” moment I guess. Hand clap anyone? It’s not like I have never had a chance to wear it either. I’ve been invited to an all-white themed party before. No ,unfortunately, I didn’t have white on, but yes I was that person who had pieces of white, off-white, or cream and a million reasons as to why it was so.

Wearing: Thrifted dress (similar)// Thrifted coat (similar) //Boohoo glasses(similar) //GoJane Shoes (similar)

White everything

Aging quotationWhite head to toeAll whiteblog14July 30th, Wed last week, was my birthday. I turned 27. I am no where I expected to be in life. To be honest I am not pleased, neither am I panicked. I used to freak out – no lie. Now I’m present and getting to peace.You know why? Because I never just sat there. No “pretentious spirits” around here, I have dealt with depressing moments and spent my time in the dessert but I’ve ,also, done many things to try and make reality of the life I’ve imagined. In the end, it’ll come when it is suppose to come and how it is suppose to come.

See, my life has been ordained before I was even a thought, before my parents met. So, why stress out? You feel me? Like the quote above said, I’m choosing to celebrate the years I survived instead of how old I am. Thanks be to God, I have overcome many internal battles and some public ones. I have walked out of plenty of storms. I have defied some odds, I have certified myself as a trailblazer having rebelled against certain societal norms, coming out victories in plenty of situations.

So, I choose to welcome calamity, I wish to celebrate and expect that ,whichever way, life will be good. I choose to proclaim victory and to glorify for utter satisfaction that’s en route regardless of what happens in the journey or what my circumstance appears as … let go, let God they say! The bad, challenging, unexpected and ugly will happen. It’s one thing to know and expect it. It is another thing to radiate your energy towards it; feeding it, discussing it, thinking it, visualizing it, stimulating it … but why?? Why give it that much power and life?

LET GO … LIVE!All  white head to toeAll white

StylishSanaAll whiteAll white

Style Tip: All white is one of summer’s trends this year.This trend can be worn dressy or casually, you decide. I opted for dressy. Unlike black which can be forgiving and slimming, white shows it all and enlarges silhouettes if you’re are voluptuous like me or plus size. Advice, it is best to wear structured whites if it’s a dress or to wear two pieces ( top and bottom) allowing for a cinch or a middle to bring it together. Notice, although my dress is a peplum allowing for structure, I further tied my jacket on the waist for a funk factor and further definition!All white To make myself feel more blessed for this new age than I already am. I looked up this fun, tongue-in-cheek article about underrated things about being in your later 20s. Here are my favorites:

  • Your parents start telling you all the good family secrets that you were too young to know about before. ( juicy and shocking I tell you)
  • Staying in to read is now something you actually look forward to. (New favorite time)
  • You’re the last generation to remember life before the internet. CHERISH THOSE MEMORIES.
  • When you find out someone was gossiping about you, you’re like: I dooooonnn’t care and you dance right along! (Pretty much, what else is new)
  • Your friends are your *real* friends, because you’ve whittled out everyone who’s just a phony hanger-on. (kinda complicated but for the most yea)
  • Setbacks don’t bother you as much as they used to. ( Life goes on… and on and on…)
  • You’ve gotten bolder with crushes, and just flat-out tell people when you’re into them. Most of the time, anyway. ( or when you’re not)
  • When it comes to dating, you look for qualities besides “hot.” ( Is this a husband or a what? No body got time for games)
  • You unapologetically wear what you want. ( Damn right, your girl wore butty shorts **covers face and hides)
  • You can legitimately be annoyed by teens
  • WINE. (sipping, oh your mad? Okay)
  • You might not know exactly where your life is going, but you’ve realized that you’re the captain of your own destiny — and that’s pretty awesome.

I selected the few that I relate to, my commentary is in italics, not bold. However the original article and source is here.

All white

Riding off into the  27th year, let’s go!

Stylish Sana

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