06 Aug

Comfy & Cute

 Ummm… they lied, whoever said you can’t be comfy & cute! It is so easy to do that! The quickest way is to simply add your most comfortable heels, VOILA!

I don’t limit my creative. Many times you’ll catch me lurking in the men’s department, plus size, children, or even maternity! I believe garment is garment. It all comes down to how you style it. I was fortunate to find this tropical snapback hat at Forever21 boys’ department while wandering around last season. Okay, also I was feeling the need to re-direct my shopping focus from me to “M” so I won’t buy anymore stuff … but looky-looky ,somehow, someway I still end up buying something for me?!? This is the problem when you can make anything fit you, *insert ugh and sigh face here. Plus “M” thought the hat was too “fruity” and it doesn’t fit his personal style.

P.S This is an R-rated post, not by choice, but I did have an-almost-Janet-Jackson moment. I did consider re-taking the pictures, but I was tired. Tell me if it’s TMI, cool?

Outfit Details: Hat: Forever21: alternative // Sweat shirt: Walmart: alternative// Knit joggers: Forever21: alternative// Shoes: Mall store: alternative, alternative //Crop top: alternative//

Tropical print hatBrene Brown quotationSTylishsana

P.S The sweat shirt is an over-sized sweater  that “M”got me for winter. I simply took scissors to the middle to make it open. Easy!Tropical hatComfy & cuteStylishsanashirt tied on waisttropical hatTropical hatSweat pants styledtied at the waist trendTying a shirt, or sweater around the waist is a 90s trend that has been resurrected for a minute now.I’m just starting to get into it! If you notice my last post, I also tied a jacket around my waist. It is so easy to get caught-up in routines, no?

When I was younger and becoming aware of my posterior and that boys are noticing it I became super shy about that – actually bothered! I used to tie my waist with any and everything as a way to conceal my behind or I would carry my backpack super-low for fear someone would say ” You have a big ass” **GASP*  Now, I tie it for fashion’s sake. I’ve grown-up and accepted all my assets and flaws – doesn’t hurt to learn it adds points to my overall outer beauty **wink, wink. So, that made it easy liking my butt I guess ** inserts all the rap butt songs ever made **

Style tip: to achieve a comfy and cute look, simply exchange one comfy factor. Add something that shows a lil’ effort, style or creativity. What I used here is the tropical print hat and ankle strap barely-there heels. I could have styled my hair more extravagant, and wore glamorous earrings. This is just one option, or better yet wear a fancy clutch to achieve that comfy & cute look!

I think you get the hang of it … will you try this look? Let me know!

Stylish Sana

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