19 Oct

Lately …

Hello –  lately is not even the best word, but what the heck! Lately,  I have been absent from here – well more like months now.  As most of ya’ll know “M” is my primary photographer and he is a full-time student and worker. So, during school time if he’s not able to squeeze me in for a shoot you’ll be sure to find me missing in action on here.  See, not everyone understands your hobbies or passions or will prioritize it for that matter –  trust this frustrates me many times. I don’t like not being consistent on here … then again he’s doing me a favor, he never made any promises past that ** shrugs shoulders**. I will think of an alternative of sort. For now if you like your girl, just know absences makes the heart grow fonder, so I had t get away so you can appreciate me more ( at least that’s lie I’m going with)


 I scored this powder-pink babies a while back from one of my favorite thrift spots. It’s my second time taking it for a stroll around town. They’re ultra feminine for the obvious reason: color and also the pointy toes. I slapped them on this day simply because my toes are currently an embarrassment and I didn’t want to wear dark shoes :-/ The things women have to hide away their “flaws … plenty I tell ya!


Okay, about this hat. I am not too sure on it’s actual name, but I have been searching for it forever! Right before moving after I finished college I had snugged one similar to it from Lane Bryant Clarence rack. It was burgundy, wool, floppy and all I wanted. I let sit in the back part of my car in that counter rear-view mirror spot for many month –  it looked beautiful there, but what I didn’t realize was it was also collecting dust and lent. When it came time to wear it, it turned an ugly grey. I tried my best to remove it but it made it worse. So I gave it away and I’ve been on a hunt ever since. Now this isn’t burgundy but mehn it was a good price so I settled for now. Also not to mention, this hat is currently trending for Fall ’14 style …. beanie who??

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Boy did I catch the sun at the right time! My skin is looking oh-so-per-f-ect! I wanna tell you all this beauty regiment and what-not but really I think the credit is due to the sun glow!  I know I barely do skin-care things, I do plan on getting some sort of regiment as my luck may run out soon.

Anyhow, this is me lately. Hope all has been well on your end! I’ll endeavor to be back sooner than later with a post. What do you want? A Fall trending topic, more styling tips, opinion and thoughts, or what? Let me know 🙂

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