02 Mar

Nasty Gal & Five smart tips for window-shopping online

There’s an art to window shopping online, you have to be disciplined enough so you don’t click that check-out button. Now, I sometimes fail miserably, but I think I got the basic science of it down. Here’s to the latest online store I enjoy drooling over: Nasty Gal!  In particular I wanted to label this post ‘ Black-out’ simply because I was drawn to these sexy black pieces! nastygal


 All of these items are at Nastgal.com. Photo credit does not belong to me.

I really love bustiers and I can think of so many ways to style it without it being so closely related to a sexy bedroom affair. However, as a double D breasted woman, I can never find any my size, (hash-tag) sucks!

Five smart tips for window-shopping online:

1)  Never shop when you have money, shop when you just paid all the bills  and you are darn broke.
2) If you’re frugal like me, never shop clearance or sale cause it’s so easy to add things to the basket simply because they’re cheaper. Instead look at the expensive shit you can’t afford – that should turn you off!

 3) Add things to a wish-list instead, that way you’re giving yourself false hope .. well more like you are letting your initial compulsive shopping reaction die down. Later, you can better decide if you really need the item.

   4) Exercise positive affirmation prior to window-shopping. Say to yourself you already have everything you need in your closet, not one more thing will make a difference, people drool over your closet and wish they have the things you have. This way you’re not going in with the common mentality ‘  I have nothing to wear – like ever’ Then of course you’ll find everything to wear at the cost of your pockets.

 5) Enlist an accountability buddy. It’s funny how we behave in light of another person. Show the options of things you really want to buy to your friend and tell her you didn’t intend to buy, you were just window shopping. Do they think any of those items are worth buying? Even better put a budget and let them choose based on that number out of the list.

I am telling you window-shopping can be the next sport of sort. It is really a fun, leisure activity if you are trained. Otherwise it can cost you a lot. Now I just have to figure out how to not buy things simply because they’re cheap or on sale – that there is my weakness. ” … but it’s only $10 dollars…”

Have a blessed day!

Stylish Sana

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