I have and will always stand for all things aesthetically appealing; for words and writing that evoke and erect the deepest emotions and for all things African. I am in love with my heritage! In my land, festivities ooze with bright colors; fabrics so delicate and sheer (tobe) you felt utmost femininity in wearing them; Materials, mind-blowingly intricate, portraying breath-taking designs that command  attention – pulling you in. You see, before I even knew it, I’ve always been the “creative type”. I assumed that’s just how everyone saw the world – at awe and completely taken back by the visuals and dominated by creative words – finding it music to their soul … aching to consume it and to produce it simultaneously. Eventually, I’ve learned that’s not the case.


My love for styling slapped me in the face during my undergraduate studies. I never knew how much I liked dressing up. By now I knew I was the creative type due to a strong affinity and passion for other arts:  interior decorating, cooking, hair styling – but fashion?!? Not until I went away from home … no parental wondering eyes or advice/guidance towards  an impulsive vintage shopping  habit that was springing. Lots of parties, events, function to turn into runaways – this required dressing up often! It all started with clothes, and then jewelry and then shoes and then EVERYTHING!!! Styling came so natural, it poured out as though it were caged for years, begging for freedom.

It helped to receive overwhelming compliments on my ensembles. Folks noted I had an eye for colors, mixing textures and prints; coordinating and styling. Friends would ask me to help them dress or “approve” an outfit, “Does this look good Sana?”

Dubbed as “The queen of thrifting”, named “Fashionista” or even labeled bold in my taste of fashion, “Only sana can pull that off”… I humbly accepted these new titles. I  slowly started to embrace my inner creativity – allowing for it to flourish. Opening up to unleash the closet fashionista within me.

I never stopped playing Barbie in a sense. I simply became my real-life Barbie, hence my blog’s slogan ” Play dress-up, be your own Barbie”. I ENJOY dressing me. I enjoy trying new things, breaking the so-called  “fashion rules” etc – It’s my fashion, my rules! If I wanna curve a fork and wear it as a necklace, well …  I’ll do that, hehe…

Mixup Fixup is a place for folks who do not define and/or limit their fashion sense to trends or seasons only. They have their own style! They mixup and fixup their looks as they choose, from high-end, department store, random stores, other people’s closet(s) to low-end and in between retailers. They are never/hardly concerned with extravagant pieces only, brands or what’s “in”, rather they are occupied with the  thought of the master creation they can create using any and all things!


For now, I’m taking my first steps, join me as I report on the ins and outs of my personal life, air out my thoughts and give styling tips along the way! Follow me in my self discovery period of my roaring twenties:one shoes, dress, event, occurrence, lipstick, enlightening moment at a time….

P.S speaking of mixing & fixing, the necklace in the picture below is actually some old-school belt I found at a thrift store 😉 Let the MIX-FIX commence!



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    • stylishsana

      Thanks Maria 🙂 your so sweet for showering me with those kind words! **Blush, blush**I love your writing style – it’s so eloquent! I’ll definitely be visiting http://www.fatalart.com.


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