Bucket List

Bucket List:

A list of things you want to do before you die.  It comes from the term “Kicked the bucket” . As in  when someone wants to commit suicide they hang themselves, stand on a bucket and then kick it and you know what happens next … death. Very strong/blunt description ( I kn0w), no worries I have no plans for that, I love life, lol

What's on your bucket list?

I love the feeling of over-coming a challenge(s) or  fear(s). Here, I have a list of things I want to try/do before I leave this world. They range from challenging, personal goals to simply interesting/cool thing. Certainly you can have a mini list every so often if you wuld like,  but this is my life’s list. I add things as I go too!


** Earn a Master’s Degree

** Do what I love ( Career) still in self discovery…

**Own a business of sort ( Be my boss)

** Marry my best friend ( Hubby where art thou?)

** Buy a couple of houses

** Bear children

** Weight 145, stay below 150 consistently ( Healthy lifestyle)


Live (shortly) in Africa (again) as an adult. Possibly in these countries:  South Sudan, South Africa, Egypt, Morocco,  Nigeria, Ghana, or one of the islands.

Visit Asia, preferred counties so far: Thai Land, Honk Kong, Japan,Tokyo, or India

Visit these North American locations: Hawaii, Mexico, New York, Alaska, Miami, Chicago, Washington D.C

Visit these South American, Central America, Caribbean, islands/counties: Brazil, Cuba, The Bahamas, Jamaica, Puerto Rico

Visit these countries in Europe: Italy, Greece, Norway, UK ( London!!) Ireland,  Sweden, France (Paris) or Spain.

Middle East location: Dubai


Attend a festival in one of the islands

Go sky-diving, para-sailing, scuba diving, kayaking, sailing, hot-air balloon ride

Skinny dip in the ocean ( run naked in the water) This was a blast and of course at night!

Go to host country for the Olympics

Ride a camel in the desert, or ride a horse

Tour Eiffel Tour

Get a tour of the Pyramids

Go to a nude beach

Watch a Broadway Play in NY

See one or two of the world wonders

Hot air balloon ride

Visit a safari

Tour the White House


Try Alligator meat

Horse meat

Try raw food diet ( I did it for a week)

Make pizza from scratch

Learn how to and make a whole Lobster dinner

Try Rabbit ( I hear it’s tasty)

Be a vegetarian for half a year

Eat raw sushi

Bake a whole cake from scratch

Cut a slice of meat from fully roasted pig, I always think that looks creepy

Try Chit-lings

Learn  how to make Lousiana Gumbo dish

Try Octopus

Eat an ostrich egg

Interesting/ Cool/ I want to do/learn

Run a marathon

Go grape stomping

Take my whole family on a vacation

Go to boot-camp

Try a detox/cleanse ( I did the Master Cleanse for 10 days!)

Publish a cooking book and/or a memoir

Cut off my whole hair as lowest as un-grippable.

Celebrate Holi in India

Learn how to swim

Host an uplifting women conference with friends and friend of friends

Go behind the scene of news cast

Go fishing

spend $1000 on a shopping spree and not feel guilty cause it was planned

Give a random huge tip to a waitress

Go to a Fashion week show

Start a blog

See Cirque De Soleil Show

Get a full body massage

Take a picture with someone famous I admire

Kiss in the rain

Get a helicopter ride

Date someone outside of my race

Wear Muslim women covering for a whole day in a public place

Buy one brand-name shoes or outfit at full price

Unplug for a week ( Turn my phone off)

Jump in a pool fully clothed

Go to a Red Carpet event

Plant flowers in a garden

Take a shot, get drunk once

Learn to sew

Create a whole Fall/Spring collection & showcase it

Collect a jar of dirt from each state I visit

Volunteer at a hospice

Watch someone give birth

Compete in Tough Mudder competition

and more to come….

I’m not going to beat my self to do all of this, I do want to do as much as I can. Wish me luck, and I’ll update you if I do anything soon. The ones crossed I already did! YAYE!!

Do share your list with me 🙂


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