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08 Oct

New length…Midi Skirts

Outfit Details: Wide Brim Straw Hat: Thrift find (Similar here)// Clip-on Earrings: Thrift Find ( Similar here, here, here) //Lace shirt: old ( Similar here, here)// Pint suit midi skirt: Thrift find ( Similar here, here)//Shoes: Zara (similar here, here)// Bag: thrift find ( similar here, here)Midi Skirt are all the…

01 Oct

Fall Trend: ‘If I were a boy…’

Courtesy of Harper Bazzar

Hey, I am still here! It’s been a second, I know. I missed yall! I’ve been doing me – some “inside work” type of stuff … someone once said happiness is an inside job. I was busy reinventing my thoughts, reviewing my mentality and such. I had been in a funky…

15 Sep

Emotional dresser

” DON’T THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX, THINK  LIKE THERE’S NO BOX.” I was undecided if  I wanted to wear the back of this shirt the way it was meant to be ( open back) or wear it in the front. Which way looks best to you? I don’t know why…

31 Aug

Pier 1 Imports

Happy Fridays guys! I hope you had a good week, if not, well you get another one in two days so no worries **chessy smile** The other day my sissy and I went to Pier 1 Imports furniture store. She’s in the process of moving and decorating her new place.  I…

26 Aug

B.O.D – Be On Display

“Your body is like a work of art, dress to be on display.”  Dressing is a form of art.  Don’t be afraid to create something that folks want to aww or stare at, that’s what art is for … to evoke emotions, to incite dialogue! There are various pallet of…

23 Aug

A second “Big Chop”

In the black natural-hair community a “Big Chop” – also abbreviated (BC) means the cutting of all of you hair at once.  I am not talking about a few inches or a bob, THIS IS A CHOP, not a cut! It should be the most drastic cut you have ever…