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17 Apr

Work-out and stuff

raw-nut deep

Hello beautiful faces, it’s Wednesday!! I hope your week is shaping up well! My prayers and thoughts are with Boston. It is tragic and unacceptable for such things to happen, I am deeply sad for those who lost their loved ones – especially the 8-year-old boy! So young, too early!!…

06 Apr

Master Cleanse, completed!

Fruit bowl

I did it guys! I completed the Master Cleanse! Well, let me be honest here… I cheated a lil,  it was out of necessity I promise!  On my last two days I went to Arizona with the babe. On the trip my mixture got so nasty from the heat and it…

29 Mar

When life gives you lemons, do the Master Cleanse

Good Friday folks! I have gotten a bit slouchy and out of shape since moving back home. It’s all due to unlimited access to food, change of environment and lack of exercise and a little stress! WHEW!! After getting on the scale and seeing how much pounds I have gained, I was shocked! I sure didn’t…