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05 Dec

One year

It’s my blog anniversary, Dec, 5! I have been blogging for one year – where did time go?!? It all started as an outlet to connect with others in my struggle with identity-crisis post undergrad. Feeling lost no longer carrying college student as a title and pending for the next…

05 Jun

Opinion & Thoughts: The Wedding Night

I am not sure that the wedding night is a much awaited or anticipated event as before – like during my parent’s time or something. I am sure you can guess why … something to do with something that start with S that plenty of folks are doing or rather…

09 May

Opinion & Thoughts: Celebrate her!

Take a deep breath, PUSH … push, Puuussshhhh!! You’re almost there, take another deep breath! JUST. ONE. LAST. PUSH **baby crying hysterically** … someone had to do this for all of us to come to exist. They didn’t only push, but they rented out the center of their being –…