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Christina, known by her friends as “Kat” isn’t scared to experiment with bright colors nor is she deterred by styling  vintage looks – there’s no mistaking this. When she popped up on my Instagram feed, it instantly pulled me in, as I am a color/vintage lover myself. I stalked her pictures immediately!

After the improper “stalking” (No shame) I reached out to the 5’6 ft East African fashionista about a fashion questionnaire. After much scheduling difficulties – she lives in Louisville, KY and she’s a student – finally she found a break in her schedule and I did a dance – well, not quite but  I was happy to talk fashion!. She was so candid about her style and thoughts on fashion.

“It’s a great honor to be featured on this blog. I have been featured on other blogs before but it’s always a great honor. Hope to have my own blog one day. “

And she’s humble! Anyhow, please take a look at what she and I discussed. Below are clips of her styles as well.


If we could give you $200 gift certificate to one store, which would it be? Why?

Good will or any thrift store.  I love thrifting, you can find great things at thrift stores with great prices. You just have to know how to put them together. 

Describe what you are wearing right now? Don’t lie (lol)

I am wearing skinny jeans with a black tank top and flats. Casual Monday for me. Lol 

A sentence to describe your style would be?

My style is different.

Favorite color is?

Believe it or not I don’t have a favorite color, if I look good in it that makes it my favorite color for that day. 

If you had to choose one, which would it be? Pointy-toe heels, boots, or wedges?

Pointy-toe heels. [shares quote] “Keep your head, heels and standards high,” Lola Stark.

What is your favorite item to wear ( dress, shorts, jeans, hats…etc)?

I love love dresses. What do they say? “Your dresses should be tight enough to show you’re a woman and loose enough to show you’re a lady.” – Edith Head

What is your fashion pet peeve?

My ultimate fashion pet peeve is when people mix two prints that don’t go together – for example stripes and cheetah print – that’s an absolute no no. (Hey!! I do that, lol)

Your all-time favorite fashion quote, if any?

Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn. – Gore Vidal 

Which fashion trend/item should never come back? It should be buried away for good? Peplum anything! Ugh!! I can’t deal, I feel like everyone is into this peplum trend too much. It’s time to put it away for good. 

What is the process of you putting together a look? What inspires it?

The day of the week inspires me, there are days where I just want to  be comfortable and other days where I wanna’ wow’ people. So it all depends. And today I feel like wowing people. Lol 

Jewelry wise, are you a silver or a gold girl or both?

Am actually allergic to both of them, don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t stop me from wearing a nice neck piece. It’s just that I can’t have it on more that 5 hours. As soon as I get a new jewelry I have to wash it with vinegar, otherwise is off to the ER I go. 

Which is your weakness? (Shoes, bags, accessories such as: jewelry, scarves, hats, glasses, or clothes?

Can I say all the above? Lol, oh this is a hard question! I can’t have shoes without clothes, clothes won’t look good without accessories … you see where am going with this? Point being: am weak for all the above. 

The top 5 stores you frequent?

Goodwill, Asos, Forever21, H&M, and  Lulus

If you had to choose one of these prints to wear this week, which would you choose and why ( Polka dot, stripes, flower, some animal print) 

Flower, due to the variety of colors in a flower print you can easily find a top or bottom to compliment it –  plus who doesn’t love flowers? 

How is your hair styled at this very comment, be honest!

I have a 22″ black hair sew in, it’s in a ponytail because I can’t manage it. 🙁 

 Your favorite dressed celebrity is?

Kerry Washington, she looks so beautiful in everything that she wears. Kinda jealous of her a little bit. Jk 

 Your favorite style on a guy.

I like collard shirts and jeans. I really truly hate it when boys where skinnies and truthfully I  don’t understand it when boys wear pink and it’s not Valentine’s –  it’s unattractive. All in all, it depends on what color looks good on you, and what fits well. Some things look better on one guy compared to the next guy.

What do you think of MixupFixup?

I think it’s great that she futures different people every month. I , mean, I don’t like sharing  the spot light but I did enjoy reading about others on this blog, plus I know a few of the fashionistas on here. 

This girl is charming, not only in her styling but in her character. My favorite thing about her when I first landed on her Instagram is how she described herself “South Sudan made me, but Louisville raised me”  As a “South-Sud” babe myself, I can easily relate to this cross-cultural life style!

Thank you Kat for sharing!


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