Gbola Kupoluyi

Gbola Kupoluyi maybe hard to pronounce for some of you, let me help you;It’s pronounced Gee-Bo–LA. By his name , some of you should be able to guess he is Nigerian because honestly Naija folks have been dominating the scene when it comes to African music and movies– their lingo, style, culture has entered all our homes by now, this should sound familier. If your not familiar, it’s all good … Google is at your fingertips! hehe…

Okay, back to our very first male MixFix Arrest.

Gbola is commonly known as GB for short by his friends. He is currently a student at a local community college at his hometown of San Diego, CA.

The 20-year-old chocolate brother was very pleased to be featured on a blog about fashion, ” I am honored and humbled to be acknowledged for my fashion sense,” he said.

Ever proud of his heritage, the one statement item that caught my eyes on him are his African inspired bracelets, he always has the coolest arm candy! Honestly, it’s fitting for a guy but I too have attempted to bargain it out of his wrist at times!

Scroll down to learn more about him via a quick Q & A he and I had:

What are you studying in school?

I am in my 3rd year studying Computer Engineering

What is one word you can use to describe your style?

Stylish ( guys are so direct, hehe…)

If we could give you $200 gift certificate to one store, which would it be?

Forever 21

Describe what you are wearing right now.

I have on a hooded outerwear, a graphic tee from Urbanoutfitters, Mondo Dimarco pants and Calvin Klein jean shoes

What is one thing you enjoying seeing a woman wear and why?

Pretty much anything to embrace her body structure yet remaining classy and sassy.

If you had to choose one, which would it be? Watch, hats, bracelets?


What is your favorite color, if any?

Shades of Blue

What is your fashion pet peeve?

To the ladies, the way you carry yourself. Usually I chose to ignore this but, just wear shoes you can walk in.

What’s your shoe size?

9.5 US

The last clothing item you purchased and from where?

Denim jacket from forever 21Men @ Fashion Valley Mall

What do you think of MixupFixup?

I love it. It’s informative and I like the feature of personal styles.

Below are sample photos of Gb’s style…click on photo to enlarge


Photo Credit

Timi Babatunde of Timmy photography

and some are personal pictures

Stylish Sana

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