Grace Martin

The 5′ 7 beauty resides in Texas, Arlington. Martin says she is surprised to be featured in a fashion blog, ” Wow I am honored to be featured in a blog. I never thought someone would actually notice my fashion sense. (LOL)… but I am very humble and excited,” she said.

As much as she is fashionably on point, academically she is also ambitious. Martin is currently attending school and studying in hopes of becoming a Neonatal nurse.

The 27-year-old Texan resident is commonly known as “Gigi” among her dearest friends. Gigi explains the relevance of fashion in her life, saying, ” Fashion means everything to me, I love clothes … without fashion, life sucks.”

Martin and I met up on chat on Facebook and we had a quick Q & A. Below is our fashion dialogue….

Which celebrity would you liken your fashion sense to?

Hmmm … I would say Beyonce and Ciara because I love their styles. In general I like that ” she is a model look” as well–it’s classy and fierce appearance.

What’s your favorite color?

To be honest I really don’t have a favorite color. I love colors that compliment my skin … lately I have been more into nude colors.

What’s your must-have item?


Which fashion trend/item should never come back? It should be buried away for good?

I cant really think of a trend that should never come back. I feel like fashion repeat itself and we just have to embrace it.

Which is your shopping weakness ( clothes, jewelry, shoes, bags, glasses, makeup or all)?

My weakness is shoes! I love them all! When I walk by a shoes store my heart melts! I have to get out with something … lol.

The Top 5 stores you often visit?

Forever21, H&M, Thrift Stores, Bakers, and Shasa.

What color are your nails right now?

They are dark green with sparkles.

Describe what you are wearing right now:

I am wearing black skinny jeans, spaghetti strap shirt and leopard flats: It’s I am-just-hanging around-the-house kind of look….

What is the one fashion item you need to get over it?

High waisted shorts. I love them like crazy!!! I think I am becoming obsessed with it, I love it too much. I feel sexy when I wear it and it also compliments my curves. Its time to get rid of it. I own one too many lol.


I love, love, love it … I think it’s very creative and rateable.

Below are excerpts of Martin’s fashion sense. ( Picture credit: Grace Martin, Kennedy Lemi) Click on picture to enlarge.

Grace recently celebrated her birthday and she stepped out in style with an equally fashion-forward friend: Kennedy. They were in an all black ensemble. ( see pic #3)

Thank you for taking time out of your day and having a Q &A with us “Gigi”

–MixupFixup, and love always,

Stylish Sana

Stylish Sana

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