19 Dec

Hello? Anyone out there?!

Hi, Yes you looking at this message. So I know you as a number only.  I know you and others have stopped by due to activity on the page. Over 400 views I have had and today I have decided to talk to you directly. I have been changing the…

19 Dec


 There are so many shades of pink. There MUST be a shade that you like. My favorite shades are hot pink and blush. You gotta find a shade that compliments your skin. For me that’s hot pink.  Also, you may want to know what shade looks more subtle/conservative on you; that’s…

18 Dec

Afternoon Cravings….

First off!! it took me forever to like booties. I bought my very first pair this year on a Black Friday deal,. It’s the black ones you have seen in the other posts. (here) Now I have gone booties crazy!! I am craving this lace-up burgandy wedge style!   They…

18 Dec

Gold,black and my weekend

 Saturday, I spend with my mom before heading to choir practice. She and I  got our nails done. While she opted to go with the season and get green nails and red toe nails because she is cute like that, I went for black and decided on this gold lines….

17 Dec

Mixup Fixup news

 Hello, If you have stopped by the page today, I am sure you’ve noticed the continuous changes with our layout/theme. I am sorry if this was an inconvenience. The website is going through some review and we want to obtain a layout that will be the most suitable for both…

15 Dec

Company Holiday events

Happy Friday! Today my job had a christmas/holiday luncheon instead of a dinner. I wore a very simple ensemble consisting of a  sheer green shirt, jeans and a pinkish clutch. I integrated the christmas colors: green and my pink clutch ( close enough to red) and added some accessories. I…