Rosine ElleAchic

(ElleAchic is her YouTube name, which she prefers to use in place of her last name. It means “She is chic” in French)

ElleAchic is the last person to shy away from change, especially when it comes to her hair. Looking through her photos on Facebook and at her videos about hair and fashion on YouTube that is one fact that is very clear for this French/Cameroonian darling.

ElleAchic , 26, said if she were given $200 gift certificate to a store of her choice, she would most definitely spend it at H&M or Aldo. She enjoys the varieties H&M offers and she is most definitely a shoes-type-of-girl.

Besides enjoying what fashion has to offer and a variety of hair styles, like many of us, she also works. She is a Lead Staff Accountant at Landmark Global– Brains and beauty, we like!

Standing at 5’7 ft, she rightfully enjoys strutting around in high heels in her hometown of Santa Barbara, CA. ” My favorite item to wear are shoes!, ” she said.

She and I caught up recently and she answered a few questions on her fashion and thoughts. ( see below)


How do you feel about being featured in a blog about your fashion?

I feel very honored because it shows that people appreciate my style and fashion-views.

Describe what you are wearing now.

I am wearing a high-waisted royal blue skinny pants. A white button-up shirt with red, royal blue polka dot cream sweater on top. A black collar necklace and some statement cream boots and a black high-low leather jacket with power shoulders.

What is the one fashion item you need to get over?

I don’t think I have any…

If you had to choose one, which would it be? Fur, leather, velvet?

Leather, no doubt.

What is your fashion pet-peeve?

I hate when women wear high heels and they can barely walk in it.

Which fashion trend/item should never come back? It should be buried away for good?
Hand bags with fur on them… it’s just ugly!

Which is your weakness? Shoes, accessories(jewelry, scarves, hats, glasses,) clothes?


What is your favorite color?

I don’t really have a favorite color but I think yellow looks very good on my skin tone

What current trend are you obsessing over?

I am in love with peplum at the moment

What random object do you have in your purse now?

I have a USB flash-drive. I am not sure why

The top 5 stores you frequent?
Zara, Aldo, H&M, Marshalls, Ross

How is your hair styled at this very moment, be honest

…mohwak updo (flat braids on the side and twist in the middle)

What do you think of MixupFixup?

It is very inspirational and helpful. I like the fact that it helps people shop for trendy items without necessarily breaking the bank.

ElleAchic stays busy every second of her day. It was unbelievably difficult to get time with her. Mixup Fixup appreciates her comments on fashion and her time.

Below are excerpts of ElleAchic’s fashion sense, click on image to enlarge.

( Photo credits: Rosine ElleAchic)

Thanks once again Rosine!!

Mixup Fixup & love always,

–Stylish Sana

This post was re-edited on 11/27/12 since its initial publication for name change and other small details.

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