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Sanmi, a recent Psychology graduate, resides in Northern California. If he’s not playing soccer for leisure, like many of us, he’s working. He works for Social Services (NGO) as a Family Support Counselor. This can easily make one assume he’s family orientated, to me that’s what I have come to see him as – so your not far off. His style oozes effortlessness yet it highlights a sense of sophistication – the guy can wear a suit well too!

For him, in one word, his sense of style is simply urban . I think this urban-ness can be seen in his details. “… my go- to item might not even be clothing, it has to be my bracelets, I ALWAYS have to wear some.”

we recently caught up and talked fashion. Read on to learn more about him below.

What’s your go-to item in your closet? Explain.

A nice T-Shirt. Depending on the quality – it must be checks on the boxes for style and comfort. One of the most important aspects in my style is me being comfortable within the said look and in myself.

Suit with a tie or without?
Tie, and even a tie pin. It just shows you took the extra step in stepping up the look.

If we could give you $200 gift certificate to one store, which would it be and why?
Express. Their collection is sophisticated. I feel it would set anyone apart in a crowd. Also, online shopping is big, I’d like to be able to spend my gift- card from the comfort of my home.

Finish the sentence, the one item no man should ever wear is….

What do you believe makes a woman standout, style-wise.
Confidence. I say that because no one particular thing or item of fashion captivates me but the confidence in whatever it is you’re wearing, now that’ll make me turn around.

Describe what you are wearing right now.
Dress pants and a T-shirt. ( way to describe buddy– Stylish Sana lol)

What is one thing you can’t stand that women wear, if any?
Uggs. I hear they’re comfortable but they are so unattractive to me. I’m not sure why either.

If you had to choose one, which would it be? Tie, hat, vest? Why?
Tie. Ties for me, add a touch of class to the look and bow ties? Well, they just make you look way cooler. Out of a sixties movie type of cool.

What is your favorite color, if any?

Do belt and shoes have to match?
It depends on the look. Formal outfits? Yes. Casual? It’s casual! Nobody cares.

What do you think of guys and wearing necklaces, chains?
Necklaces and chains are really cool, they are a growing accessory among guys now.

What clothes always stay in style for guys?

Straight Jeans. Even when other styles are more in the moment, straight jeans never go out of style.

Do you iron your jeans?
Yes. But I’m a special species though; I think I iron or dry clean almost everything. ( lol –Stylish Sana)

Crease or no crease down the front of the leg on pant suit?

The last clothing item you purchased and from where?
A blazer from H&M.

What do you think of MixupFixup?
I think it’s fun, amazing and exciting. It also has so much potential and I envision it becoming much bigger! ( Thanks dear :-)–Stylish Sana)

Ever ambitious and working towards something, Sanmi recently got a deal with a small publishing outfit in the Bay to start printing some of his work. If you would like to read more of his materials or contact him, this is his Twitter handle: (adewus4real)

See his style below. Click on image to expand it

Stylish Sana

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