02 Feb

Ad Campaigns, featuring natural African beauty!

Karen Walker works with Kenyan Artisans for her Spring 2014 Ad Campaigns for glasses. I appreciate Ad campaigns featuring natural African beauty! I love seeing Africans celebrated! Of course I’m bias as I’m African myself! I just don’t think Africans are put in good light or moderate light enough is…

10 Jan

So over it

Everyone, at some point, has purchased one item that they  were so “juiced” to make a part of their closet. And then sooner or later, for some reason, they’ re so over it! At times you don’t even comprehend how it could have excited you so much before?! Kinda reminds…

23 Dec

DIY: ‘African-ised’

Hey all, Today was a very hectic day for me. I started my morning by creating some African accessories that will ensure you are “African-ised”, lol Also, I had to cook for my choir’s Secret Santa dinner. ( see below what I prepared) These are all the items I created….

11 Dec

Power of accessories

I turned a very casual attire into a formal attire by adding: Scarf, necklace and booties… and that is the power of accessories my friends! See how a sweat-shirt, a pair of leggings that you may typically wear to run errands or even wear for a lazy day at home…

11 Dec

Pieces of me

     I was feeling the pieces of my ensemble so I decided to snap away after eating my lunch at work. Creative rings, such as this leaf can make a nice statement to a simple outfit. This is basically my whole ensemble. I also had on a scarf , it was…