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31 Dec

B-lated Christmas

This is a late picture post from my Christmas church service outfit. A day after isn’t too late to say ” Merry Christmas?” Right? Excuse the middle picture, that’s just the glow of Christmas (lol) – kidding it’s too much sun, that’s what it is! I went for a preppy…

31 Dec

My Style Review (2013)

It is my first time doing a personal style review! It should be fun to look back at what I wore in 2013 and assess what were my trends, how my style has evolved and what I want to do more or less of in 2014. My style is truly…

22 Dec

WISH LIST & Last Minute Shopping

Hello! I hope your weekend was well. I was just imagining what I would want for Christmas, check my wish list out! Pointy toe leopard print shoes Full skirt ( Midi length) Lace bustier ( White preference) Facial scrub brush White tennis shoes Perfume Valentino rock stud heels Eyebrow cake…

20 Nov

The awesomeness that is Lupita

Photo Courtesy: Vogue

 Lupita Nyong’o has been all over the web as of recent … who is she you ask? Nyong’o shot to fame after her role in the American film: 12 Years A Slave.  ( Yet to watch it) When something or someone is awesome we all wanna bask in it too…

16 Nov

NEW YORK Dreamin’

The power of clothing is, many times, underrated! We forget how it can alleviate certain feelings or evoke particular emotions. Case in point: weddings brides wear white; baby shower colors, blue=boy, pink=girl; black typically for funerals and red for passion etc. These colors and certain styles have become symbolic of…

16 Oct

Got milk?

Hey buddy! I have never see this print in all my young days! Have you? This is new – cow print!! I can’t get over hearing ‘ Mooouuu’ constantly but I do love the print in shoes, still adjusting to seeing it in clothes, it seems over-powering. It’s still monochromatic…