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15 Mar

Nicki Minaj, simple beauty

Nicki Minaj, fashion wise, is known for her over-the-top attires and wigs. I swear she has every color of wig, if not, at minimum one wig encompassing all colors! She is, no doubt, the black Lady Gaga if I can say. I am not sure who came first or if either…

12 Mar



Hi, I hope all is well! I have seen a lot of monochrome styling lately, am not sure if it’s in fact trending or am just seeing it often because am thinking of it, you know how that goes…  Either way it doesn’t matter. Monochrome is the technique of using one color…

11 Mar

Stella Jean

Stella Jean Summer/Spring 2013 I love print and nothing like the African print! Perhaps am bias because am African. So, what do you think? I am even more inspired now to draw sketches for my African cloth that has been laying around. See more pic here. I hope your week…

06 Mar

Happy Independence Day Ghana

Well today is Ghana’s Independence Day!! I decided to do a blog for two reasons. First, I’d like to share my all time favorite Ghanaian designers. This is a perfect way to give them attention on their Independence Day–celebrating their creations and texture. Secondly, one of my best friends since…

01 Mar

H&M Lookbook Spring’13

H&M is definitely one of my favorite stores to frequent. They are exceptionally affordable and trendy! Also for a curvy body like mine, I manage to find sizes that can accommodate voluptuous figures; double plus for H&M. Here a few pieces of item they are carrying this season conscious collection…

27 Feb

On point

Pretty and pointy heels are one of this season’s must haves that will have you looking on point with pretty much anything; from mid-length skirts, shorts, to jeans! In addition to pointy heels, I have been seeing a lot of ankle straps, and wedges with mixed texture, prints or bold…