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11 Mar

Stella Jean

Stella Jean Summer/Spring 2013 I love print and nothing like the African print! Perhaps am bias because am African. So, what do you think? I am even more inspired now to draw sketches for my African cloth that has been laying around. See more pic here. I hope your week…

23 Dec

DIY: ‘African-ised’

Hey all, Today was a very hectic day for me. I started my morning by creating some African accessories that will ensure you are “African-ised”, lol Also, I had to cook for my choir’s Secret Santa dinner. ( see below what I prepared) These are all the items I created….

11 Dec

iRep Africa

Since African print hit the market, it has been tough to let go of it, or so it seems. They are commonly refereed to as tribal prints and it’s  in everything I see these days. I have seen it in bangles, shoes, dresses, hats– it’s quiet ubiquitous! I have always…