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04 Dec

ASOS Sale!!

Friends, Asos is having a mega sale! Shop now, think later. Not the best advise ever, but just saying…It’s 30% off everything!! Promo code: MOREMOREMORE! Below are some of my top picks, of course I ain’t gonna get everything – that’s what dreaming is for! (To see all my picks,…

06 May

It’s raining shoes

Excuse the ashy-ness, I didn’t expect to try on shoes. I was wearing booties earlier. A shoes practically fell on my lap! I went to my shoes/purse tailor to get my bag fixed and I walked out with this for $12. I had to get that bag fixed, it’s my…

18 Feb

It’s on sale!

As yall know holidays in the states typically mean there’s a major sale of sort going on. I don’t know about you but I don’t like to miss out on a deal.  In the case your like me, for President’s day I located a couple of retails stores that are…