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31 Dec

B-lated Christmas

This is a late picture post from my Christmas church service outfit. A day after isn’t too late to say ” Merry Christmas?” Right? Excuse the middle picture, that’s just the glow of Christmas (lol) – kidding it’s too much sun, that’s what it is! I went for a preppy…

12 Dec

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It’s truly beginning to look like Christmas! Most people have their decorations up by now. Most of the streets here are sparkling with colorful lights , homes with open windows yielding to a glimpse of a Christmas tree, grocery stores stocked with gift ideas, candies, ornaments and all the things…

26 Dec

It was a gray Christmas….

… not in the sense of the atmosphere or my mood, lol . In terms of my outfit– GOT YA, lol! Actually, it was a very lively day. It started off at church because Jesus is the ONLY reason for the season, Sorry to break that news to you if…