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22 Mar

Charlotte Russe plus size is here!

Charlotte Russe plus size

Charlotte Russe is now carrying plus size ya’ll! Charlotte Russe plus size is here! This was the go-to store when I was in high school …oh some almost a decade ago as my cousin reminded me – which (YES) freaked me out no lie! A DECADE!! Where did time go? …

02 Mar

Nasty Gal & Five smart tips for window-shopping online

There’s an art to window shopping online, you have to be disciplined enough so you don’t click that check-out button. Now, I sometimes fail miserably, but I think I got the basic science of it down. Here’s to the latest online store I enjoy drooling over: Nasty Gal!  In particular…

19 Oct

Lately …

Hello –  lately is not even the best word, but what the heck! Lately,  I have been absent from here – well more like months now.  As most of ya’ll know “M” is my primary photographer and he is a full-time student and worker. So, during school time if he’s…

13 Feb

How to ‘wow’ him Valentine’s day!

In the spirit of celebrating Valentine’s, I wanted to share with you three outfit ideas.     These are my top three suggestion, they’ll guarantee your date, spouse, boyfriend drooling all over you – if that’s your aim. Now, please take your personal silhouette and proportions in consideration when styling….

02 Feb

Ad Campaigns, featuring natural African beauty!

Karen Walker works with Kenyan Artisans for her Spring 2014 Ad Campaigns for glasses. I appreciate Ad campaigns featuring natural African beauty! I love seeing Africans celebrated! Of course I’m bias as I’m African myself! I just don’t think Africans are put in good light or moderate light enough is…

15 Jan

Peter Pilotto (Target)

  Target’s most recent collaboration with designer Peter Pilotto is making it so difficult  for me to continue my shopping fast. Remember I am not to shop ,except for the remaining things on my ‘to-get list’ until July? Someone please pinch me and remind me why I signed up to…