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01 Aug

H&M is finally online!

If you have been anticipating, well let me be the first to say the wait is over!!! H&M is now online for us here in US. I recall being so stunned when I went to the online retail store and to my dismay I learned you can’t shop online ,…

24 Apr

Korto Momolu

It’s so hard deciding which collections to make a post on. There are so many, at the same time I don’t want to do so much that you guys get bored or irritated of so many collection stories. So I put my foot down! This will be my last Spring…

05 Mar

River Island

Rihannah is launching her exclusive fashion line on March 5th ( tomorrow). She collaborated with River Island–her items are displayed with River Island. The prices of her items range from $45- $200 plus. River Island is a retail store but not in the states. They are in UK, Ireland and various…

22 Feb

I’d wear you out

When you like a pair of shoes, ironically, you also wear it out– at least I do **raises hands!!** One would think you would limit access to it so you can enjoy it longer but nooo that’s NOT the case! Below are shoes from Spring 2013 styles from Paris. Yea I know,I…

01 Feb

Infusing Spring

Photo Credit: Stylish Sana

        Spring in San Diego per calender date starts February 20th , but I was feeling rosy– so shoot me! I am wearing springy bright dress in fall. And?!? We Mix N fix our looks around here so… I intentionally wanted to pair this dress with long dark boots, I…

16 Jan


Friends!! I AM SO ECSTATIC!!!!! The next post (after this one or the one after lol) is soo MAJOR  it needs a whole separate post to introduce it!!(lol) You know as a new blogger, I sorta “yearn” for acknowledgment.  Like yea, have you read the blog? What is your reaction,…