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03 Feb

The Weekend

Hello friends, I hope you had a lovely weekend and you’re ready to take this week head-on! Mine was filled aunty duty and a taste of the glamor life. Mr. Van Vicker, the popular west African actor,  was so polite and charming. “M” and I went and watched the premier…

02 Feb

Ad Campaigns, featuring natural African beauty!

Karen Walker works with Kenyan Artisans for her Spring 2014 Ad Campaigns for glasses. I appreciate Ad campaigns featuring natural African beauty! I love seeing Africans celebrated! Of course I’m bias as I’m African myself! I just don’t think Africans are put in good light or moderate light enough is…

30 Nov

Thank You

Hi friends, This message comes late, but it’s never too late to say thank you, is it? Generally,  I am always grateful but in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I want to publicly and sincerely profess to you all how thankful I am for those who’ve been following my blog since…

20 Nov

The awesomeness that is Lupita

Photo Courtesy: Vogue

 Lupita Nyong’o has been all over the web as of recent … who is she you ask? Nyong’o shot to fame after her role in the American film: 12 Years A Slave.  ( Yet to watch it) When something or someone is awesome we all wanna bask in it too…

16 Nov

NEW YORK Dreamin’

The power of clothing is, many times, underrated! We forget how it can alleviate certain feelings or evoke particular emotions. Case in point: weddings brides wear white; baby shower colors, blue=boy, pink=girl; black typically for funerals and red for passion etc. These colors and certain styles have become symbolic of…