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24 May

Cheers to a three-day weekend!

Hey! hello!! hey! helloooo!!…Why the back and forth you say? Uumm cause am chirpy and bubbly at the moment!  It’s not only the weekend but it’s a freaking three-day weekend!!  **cue to Song ** cheers to the freaking weekend, I’ll drink to that yayyyeee…” I am off to a small…

12 Apr

Weekend plans

Courtesy of

Hey yall! Happy Friday! We made it, lol. So, what’s going down? What do you have planned for your weekend?  Are you just going with the flow? Staying indoor? Any parties …. studying? What’s up? Here are my plans: Right after work am going to get some pampering! It has…

07 Mar

He “nailed” it.

I stand strong in my claim: most  beautiful creations created for us women, almost always, has a man behind it. I will seize making a list of such examples  for now, it’ll be a blog for another day.  Instead, I want to shed light on a nail polish inventor who…

18 Dec

Gold,black and my weekend

 Saturday, I spend with my mom before heading to choir practice. She and I  got our nails done. While she opted to go with the season and get green nails and red toe nails because she is cute like that, I went for black and decided on this gold lines….