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18 Feb

Tata-Naka Fall ’14 RTW

I just completed a post on the exquisite vintage wardrobe of the movie ‘American Hustle’ , then I run into this RTW  fall ’14 collection by Tata-Naka, it has vintage prints all over it!  I swear I was just dreaming of wall paper prints, especially damask print too! Funny how…

24 Apr

Thrift mission;happily failed.

**clears throat** So my church choir group collaborated and decided the ladies will wear blue and black in which ever combo; skirt and shirt, pant, patterns, prints, dress etc …  for our church anniversary service. I thought this should be easy to find and since I haven’t been thrift-ing for a while…

11 Dec

Stripes, leopard type of day

Hey folks, I snapped a few angles with my camera-phone and wanted to share my Outfit Of The Day (OOTD) Enjoy! Fashion borrows from so many things in our environment, including animals such as the majestic leopard! They are beautiful! Photo credit belongs to photographer, not me. Picture located from…