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16 Nov

NEW YORK Dreamin’

The power of clothing is, many times, underrated! We forget how it can alleviate certain feelings or evoke particular emotions. Case in point: weddings brides wear white; baby shower colors, blue=boy, pink=girl; black typically for funerals and red for passion etc. These colors and certain styles have become symbolic of…

20 Oct

Opinion & thoughts: Top 5 things you should know before you thrift

If you have thrift-d, you already got this ( well, maybe), if you’re a beginner – first,catch up (lol), secondly know this 5 things. I thought of a list-sorta-thing after taking my younger sister thrift-ing yesterday for the first time! O-M-G  I’m converting her into a vintage-babe!! I was trying to…

08 Oct

New length…Midi Skirts

Outfit Details: Wide Brim Straw Hat: Thrift find (Similar here)// Clip-on Earrings: Thrift Find ( Similar here, here, here) //Lace shirt: old ( Similar here, here)// Pint suit midi skirt: Thrift find ( Similar here, here)//Shoes: Zara (similar here, here)// Bag: thrift find ( similar here, here)Midi Skirt are all the…