Yazmine: the beautiful

Yazmine is commonly known as Yaz among her dearest friends and family. The 22-year-old darling resides in Maine. There, she works at Command Security; having earned a Criminal Justice Degree. She ‘s super ambitious and has returned to school to work on an International Studies Degree. There’s no stopping this combination of elegance and intelligence!

She and I caught up on life and talked about fashion recently, scroll down to learn more about her via a quick Q & A.


What current style, trending or not, are you obsessing over?

I’m not obsessing over any particular trends now, in fact, I try my best to avoid any trends. I stay true to my own personal style and what makes me stand out as an individual

What’s your favorite nail color on you?


Which is you must have make-up, if any?


If we could give you $200 gift certificate to one store, which would it be and why?

I would say Sephora, for their fragrance collection. I ,personally, think a woman who allures others with her aphrodisiac scents knows how to wear her persona well in comparison to an expensively attired lady with no hint of admiration about her.

Finish the sentence, if I was suddenly invited to a Red Carpet event I would!
I would decline the invite unless I am invited by a friend who needs my support or for my own hard work that is going to be honored.

Describe what you are wearing right now.

My white plain T-shirt & a black pajama shorts. Comfort is everything, lol … It’s 3 a.m. which means I’m still in bed…

What is one thing you enjoy seeing a man wear and why?

A blazer and a V-neck shirt. It shows a man who is comfortable in his own skin & confident in not trying too hard to be fashionably overdressed!

If you had to choose one, which would it be? Foundation, lipstick, or fake lashes and why?

Lipstick! You can never go wrong with lipstick, even if you’re dressed down, throw on some lipstick and that itself will help enhance your look!

What is your favorite color, if any?


What is your fashion pet peeve?

Matching too much! Especially with colors that are extremely obvious!

The last clothing item you purchased and from where?

White pants from Caché

What do you think of MixupFixup?

I absolutely love MixupFixup, love the writing style and the general style itself … most importantly the positive energy I receive from it!

Yazmine, the beautiful

Very chic and preppy!

Yazmine, the beautiful

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